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Overseas Mortgage Broker
Overseas Mortgage Broker

Overview of Overseas Mortgages in the UK

UK Mortgage

Rates Available From:
2.98% depending on LTV

Currencies Available:

Minimum Loan Amount:
£100,000 depending on the location

Minimum Property Value:
£150,000 depending on the location

Maximum Term:
20 years

Maximum LTV (Loan-Value) Ratio:

Maximum DTI (Debt-Income) Ratio:

Repayment Methods Available:
Capital & Interest

Loan Purpose:

Type of Loan Available:
Holiday Home
Holiday Let
Main Residence
Buy to Let

What does all this mean?

Loans in the UK are available from £50,000 and the minimum value of the property (or purchase price) should be £80,000 depending on the location.

Banks will lend over a maximum of 30 years and interest rates start from 3.15% p.a. although this varies depending on the application.

The maximum amount they would lend is 75% of the value or purchase price, although this depends on the location of the property.

Lenders calculate affordability for the loan by stating that the maximum percentage of all loan repayments (including the new mortgage, current mortgage and other loans) should be 35%-40% of your net income, depending on the LTV.

Please feel free to use our mortgage calculator to see what your monthly payments may be.

Important Note: This information is designed to only give you an indication of what you may borrow and under what terms. It does not constitute any form of advice, nor does it imply that you will be able to borrow the amounts required. In all cases you should carry out a full Fact Find and obtain an agreement in principle from the lender. Please choose to either request a quote for a mortgage in the UK or complete the more comprehensive pre-qualification form to see if you already qualify for a British mortgage.